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مقاله ی اختصاصی مجله Viva News در مورد وبسایت لیلیوم .

تاریخ انتشار: : ۱۳۹۱/۷/۱۷ ۰:۴۵4423 مرتبه خوانده شده1 نظر
راز رایحه خوش با هم بودن در وب سایت لیلیوم .
شما دوستان می توانید اصل این مقاله را در صفحات 36 و 37 مجله Viva News مطالعه فرمایید .
Find the Secrets to Smelling Good on Liliume Website

Liliume website came to existence in 2009 under management of the young duo Amir
Masoud Bolanda and Mohsen Rajabi

After precise target setting and planning, Liliume team began data collection
for the website in 2007 Website managers set their long term and short term
plans based on targets such as ease of shopping, scientific and precise
information, direct contact with end-consumer, introducing the world’s newest
colognes, creating a wiki of colognes and perfumes, and providing the customers
with up to date prices

Before Liliume entered the online perfume market, there were a few other online
websites as well, but Liliume is different in many ways with such websites Read
on for a few of
the differences:

The most important difference between Liliume and other websites is providing
original products Unfortunately, most of the online perfume websites sell fake
products All Liliume’s products are 100% original To gain your trust, Liliume
has set up a system in which you pay nothing at the time of purchase, and the
payment is made only after you receive the product and make sure it is perfect
You will be provided with a receipt that acts as warranty to the quality of your

In the similar websites, most products are merely introduced and are not
available in stock, but every single product presented on Liliume website is
available in the company’s storage and can be bought at any time That is why
delivery is very quick in Liliume If you live in Tehran and place your order
before 12:00 pm, you will receive your order on the same day, and if you live in
other cities, you will receive it in less than 48 hours

All similar websites are
copied from foreign sites, but most of what you see on
Liliume website, and its content solely belong to Liliume company

Prices on similar websites are sometimes months old, while prices are updated
real-time on Liliume website

You can find as many as about 200 technical articles on perfumes and colognes on
our website

Every month special sales are offered, up to 20%

Liliume currently holds the highest Alexa ranking among perfume and cologne

Packaging and wrapping (optional) is free

Liliume welcomes negotiating on whole sale offers

All of the mentioned efforts are made for an easy and safe purchase along with
precise information

Website administrators are ready to hear your comments 24/7

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وبسايت ليليوم در مردادماه سال 1389 فعاليت خود را به صورت رسمي آغاز نمود . در سال 1389 با هدف گذاري دقيق و برنامه ريزي منسجم جمع آوري مطالب اين سايت توسط تيم كارشناسي ليليوم آغاز گرديد ، مديران سايت با اهدافي نظير سهولت در خريد ، اطلاع رساني علمي و دقيق ، برقراري ارتباط مستقيم با مصرف كننده نهايي ، معرفي جديدترين عطرهاي روز دنيا ، ايجاد دانشنامه ي عطر و ادكلن و در اختيار گذاشتن قيمتهاي لحظه اي برنامه هاي كوتاه مدت و دراز مدت خود را تدوين نمودند .